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Staying Secure While Single

February 10, 2021
5 min read

Romantic movies. Boxed chocolates. Red and pink flowers. Jewelry ads. With “love in the air,” February can be a hard month for many of us who are single. But wouldn’t you be excited to know that even in your season of singleness you can be secure?

God has called us all into different seasons. No matter what season you are in presently, you serve a God that knows your past, present, and future. Knowing all, God is the best person to commit to whether it’s a short term or life long state of singleness.

You do not have to navigate life alone. With God on your side, you can stay secure no matter the pressures of this world.

Water Your Grass

“All my friends are getting married, so I want to.” Many who are single often crave to get out of that state. Whether your friends are in relationships, married, or have children, it can feel like the grass must be greener on their side.

However, be encouraged, friends. The grass is greener where you choose to water it. Wherever you decide to plant and maintain, will be your greenest pasture and most fruitful season.

When the world is telling you to speed up the process and act according to your impulses, fight the urge to do so and take your rightful place. You are destined to stand out.

Check Yourself

Are you attracting what you desire? If everyone behaved like you, would life be better or worse? Though these questions may sound existential, to be secure during your time of singleness you are going to have to check your hearts.

If you wish to have a spouse that serves in the church, then show up and serve. If you want a spouse who is a servant leader, then you will have to do what needs to be done to be a leader.

When we choose to live a life sold out to God and prioritize him, falling in love will prioritize us.

Define Who You Are

You are a child of the most high God. Yes you. You have been anointed, selected, and promoted for a time as this. To live in this season of singleness is a blessing from the almighty God.

Oftentimes as believers, we may think that a relationship will define us, give us purpose, and create a label that we can identify, such as a husband or a wife.

But can I encourage you for a second? Singleness is not a stop sign or a period, it's simply a rest stop on your journey of life. It’s a time to find where your passions lie, what motivates you, and discover what gifts and talents that God has deposited within you.

Take the time to find your true identity in Christ. Because when you do that, you will find victory at the end of your wait.

Party of One

When was the last time that you took some time to celebrate the present or to commemorate all that God has done in your life?

During a time of singleness, it can be easy to think of the next. The next relationship, the next adventure, or the next feeling of security. Although the thought of a relationship may feel like an elevation, true security and fulfillment come from God alone. A spouse doesn't produce security, our savior does.

So celebrate with God. The time to learn more about yourself, your heart, and your ambitions is now. This party is all for you and your father. You are cordially invited to not waste a moment thinking about the next, but to focus on the present moment.

With God, you’re never truly a party of one.

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