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We are living stones

When we look back on the last 4 years, we are simply amazed by all God has done. Yet while we’re never concerned with the speed of our growth, we are always concerned about the strength of our growth.

Peter called us living stones. Alone, you and I are just bricks in God’s kingdom. Alone, we’re insignificant— but together we’re a strong tower.

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Brick by Brick

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You Are A Brick

As we serve together, we get to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. God is doing more if we’ll awaken to it. He wants to continue doing more if we keep trusting him together.

We’re not just building for the here and now, we’re building for next generation. We stand on the shoulders of so many generations before us to blaze a trail that the world has never seen before.

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in motion

As we prepare to go above and beyond in our giving, take a glimpse into what your generosity has already accomplished.


We did this together

We've partnered with foster care organizations, sent hurricane relief and supplies to the Bahamas, and made financial donations to dozens of local churches and organizations on your behalf.

You Gave $315,704

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Local Impact

This past week our team hit the streets to visit some of the incredible community organizations and local church plants that we have partnered with to support.

You Gave $124,000

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Bahamas Relief

As soon as Hurricane Dorian cleared the Bahamas, VOUS had a team on the ground. Now just months later we have sent a team to follow up bringing hope and help.

You Gave $50,704

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Foster Care

Your generosity has made it possible for us to give to organizations in a meaningful way. Look at how your giving is working to benefit the Foster Care initiatives at VOUS.

You Gave $60,000

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Person By Person

Every person matters. Each moment counts. This video tells the story of every person who has stepped into VOUS. This film is about you.

Every Story Matters

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measuring your impact

As we serve our city, god will change it

Since VOUS launched, your giving has reached far and wide. In total you have given to local organizations:



Salvations since launch


Baptisms since launch


Unique Servant Leaders this year


Unique VOUS Kids this year

We are moving forward!
brick by brick

We are building a life-giving church!
brick by brick

We are becoming the leaders God has called us to be!
brick by brick

We are making disciples in Miami!
brick by brick

seize the vision

Alone we are insignificant, together we are a strong tower. Alone a brick is a paper weight, together bricks can build a kingdom.

2020 initiatives

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VOUS Girl Lead

Digital Content


Launching a new location in 2020


There is no wrong way to give. Here are a few suggestions to help your generosity go further.

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If 5,000 people stretch to give $200 it would exceed our goal by 200%
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