Accelerate the Vision

Bricklayers Offering

We are grateful for the past but even more committed to the future.

At VOUS, it is our tradition to end the year with the annual Bricklayers Offering—an opportunity to go above and beyond in our generosity and invest in the vision God has given us for the year to come.

Because of your commitment, VOUS is making an impact around the world. Every data point represents a story of life change, restoration, and healing.

Accelerate the vision and prepare to plant a seed at our annual Bricklayers Offering.


2023 Initiatives


God is building through US. Through people, places, and properties. We look ahead with faithful expectation to what God is building. We believe as we continue to make space for people, that God will make a way. In 2023 we’re looking to expand in the following areas:

SoMi Buildout Plan

Two years ago God blessed us with a miracle property, our VOUS SoMi location. Since then, we've reached max capacity at this location. Working alongside architects and the city, we are developing a comprehensive expansion plan to create a state-of-the-art building designed to host our Sunday services and VOUS Kids team.


There is no right amount for your or your family. We believe God will reveal his heart for generosity as we seek Him.


Our building in the heart of the Design District has become a gathering place. We are excited to launch our third location here in January 2023.


We’re better together. Building leaders that build leaders and making disciples is how we continue to move forward in strength. We’re committed to building the global church through expansion in the following areas:


VOUS Worship

VOUS Friends + Family



Our heart is for Miami. Since the start, we’ve been committed to our city. We know we can’t change a city, but we believe through consistent love and service, God moves on our behalf.

Prison Care

Foster Care

Generosity in Motion

Milestones since launch


Decisions to follow Jesus since 2015


Baptisms since


Given since

With each passing year, we grow more assured of God's faithfulness and more expectant for his promises to come. He is with us, for us, and at work all around us. As we reflect on the past 7 years, there is one resounding anthem in our hearts — Thus Far.

Thus far he has been faithful. Thus far he has multiplied. Thus far he has provided. Thus far the Lord has helped us.

Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer the stone of help, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” [1 Samuel 7:12]

So we stand in gratitude, another year, another opportunity to sacrifice, to serve, to give, and to build together. We faithfully lay down another stone. A monument to mark God's goodness. Each stone laid, a reminder that God is in the business of taking our little and making it much.

As we move forward together, we ask you to prayerfully consider what God would have you give. Thank you for your commitment to building the house of God. We love you! The best is yet to come!

Committed to Miami

Our heart is for Miami. Since the start, we’ve been committed to our city. We know we can’t change a city, but we believe through consistent love and service, God moves on our behalf. In the last 7 years, we’ve seen God’s hand moving in our community to our city and beyond.

Data points since VOUS Church launch in 2015



Growth Track Graduates

Servant Leaders


Crew Attendees

Growth percentage since SOMI launch (May 2021)

31% Attendance increase

30% Kids attendance increase

11% Servant Leader increase

Jillian's Story, VOUS Foster Care

In the winter of 2018, I celebrated my birthday and at a family dinner, we began to chat about becoming a foster parent. A month later I was sitting in iTech when an announcement for the first VOUS Foster Parent training flashed on the screen. I joined the first training class and completed my foster care license in April 2019.

During the VOUS foster parent training, we began building a beautiful community of foster parents, support leads, and a vibrant crew culture. Fast forward to the winter of 2020, one of these friends called me about a beautiful 5-month-old baby she had received into care. My friend explained to me that this baby would need to be placed into a pre-adoptive home and asked if I was interested in taking her into my home. One month later, my daughter moved into my home.

Our journey through foster care certainly has reflected Isaiah 55 in many ways. It hasn’t all been easy. The rain came, but the seed of faithfulness that was prayed and promised over us has always been there. Our adoption was finalized in the fall of 2022. The best part is our story isn’t over yet – the faithfulness of God is always at work. He redeems, He sees all, He knows how to heal, and He is so kind in His faithfulness.

Majella's Story

Majella re-discovered her faith at VOUS, through an invitation from her daughter. She discovered life change through Growth Track, serving, and VOUS Conference. At VOUS Conference 2022, she declared her faith publicly, through Baptism.

Kevin's Story

Kevin discovered community at VOUS after moving to Florida alone. Through Crew he was able to establish healthy patterns. Community was the internal catalyst for personal growth in Jesus.

Lilian's Story

Lillian was invited to VOUS by her brother. Through consistent community she started serving and saw her family transformed from the inside out.

Ife's Story

Ife found VOUS during medial school in Miami. He got involved by joining a Crew and serving on the worship team in the midst of the pandemic. Through consistent community he found support through difficulty.

Esther's Story

Esther has been attending VOUS since 2019. Through VOUS Girl and Crew, she has been able to heal from childhood wounds and relational trauma.

God's past faithfulness points toward his future provision



VOUS is YOU. Faithful stories of transformation mark our community. Marking moments of God’s provision and promise in our lives.

Total salvations since 2015

Average servant leaders on a Sunday

Unique Crew attendees in 2022


Our VOUS community reaches beyond the borders of our city. We’re surrounded by a global online family. As our digital footprint continues to grow, our mission remains the same — bring people that are far from God close to him. 



Countries + Territories







Friends & Family


In the

Where God guides, he provides


Outreach Impact

Our natural response to everything we’ve been given is to give back. Generosity is love in action. Through our I Love My City outreach we’ve been able to partner with local and global organizations to meet the practical needs of our community.

Outreach hours served since 2015

Prison ministry hours served in 2022

People reached experiencing homelessness

2021 - 2022


Homeless Outreach

Church Plants &

Pastoral Care &


Foster Care
& Next Gen

TOTAL - $327,573.55

Your Generosity in Motion

Formational Outreach

This week, your generosity efforts are focused on an organization who is Foundational to South Florida, and to the launch of VOUS Church. The Miami Rescue Mission opened it’s doors to VOUS when we had no place to gather.

Your Impact: $100,000

Local Outreach

Since the start, we’ve been committed to our city. We know we can’t change a city, but we believe through consistent love and service, God moves on our behalf. This week, on behalf of your generosity, we were able to sow $70,000 into local schools and organizations that are making a difference in our community.

Your Impact: $70,000

Missional Outreach

Each week leading up to our Bricklayers Offering we're partnering with local and global organizations spreading the good news of Jesus. This week, because of your generosity, we were able to give $60,000 away to missional organizations.

Your Impact: $60,000

Building the Next Generation

We're proud to partner with local organizations building the next generation. From foster care, to children's shelters, we're grateful to those sharing the tangible love of Jesus.

Your Impact: $50,000

Local and Global Partnerships

Our local and global I Love My City partners extend the message of Jesus to our community and beyond.

Your Impact: $165,000

Church Plants

We believe in the power of the global Church. We're stronger together! Through your generosity we've been able to accelerate the vision of local and global church plants.

Your Impact: $215,000

Accelerate the Vision

Bricklayers Offering
Sunday — December 11

Each year we gather for our annual Bricklayers Offering, a special Sunday to plant a seed and accelerate the vision.

Prepare to participate:

1. Discover

Reflect on what your impact has done, and look ahead to where our impact is going.

2. Pray

There is no right amount for your or your family. We believe God will reveal his heart for generosity as we seek Him.

3. Sow

Plant a seed of generosity. No matter the size of your contribution, there’s power in commitment.

Our faith was built for this



Annual Report

Annual Report

Accelerate The Vision

Bricklayers Offering