Clear Convictions, Complete Commitment

December 15, 2018
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There are just some people who are total rock stars at life. They’re your go-getters, your all-or-nothing pals who go after what they want when they want it. They understand the value of a strong work ethic. When you see them, you understand what organized and disciplined really mean. Never placing limits on what they aim to achieve, they walk confidently. They know their mission and take decisive steps to complete it. While by no means perfect, if you're not careful, you'll wonder if they’re even human! Most of all, they're remembered not for the things they possess, but for who they are.The Bible gives us an example of just this type of person—Apostle Paul. But he had some tweaking to arrive at that point. You see, before he was Paul, he was the notorious Saul. And he was out on a zealous rampage against early-day Christians.Not until he stopped en route to Damascus, and had a literal come to Jesus moment, did things start to turn around for him. From that moment on, he channeled his energy for the gospel to the end of his days. Leaving behind a legacy of hope and a life of no regrets.Now, maybe you haven’t been on any zealous rampages lately. But you too would like to live purposefully with no regrets, like Paul. We all would.Truly, it’s tiring to appear put together on the surface when it’s lack of drive that weighs us down on the inside. So, now's the time to break away from the cycle of going through the motions and start going beyond.No doubt, making an about-face become a reality is challenging, but here are a few keys to help get closer to the mark.

Clear Convictions

  • Define your life values. It helps to be specific and write down the values you will practice time and again.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to speak. Fine tune your ear to the specific word God has for your life by spending time with him and reading the Bible.
  • Once you receive the word, obey the word. It’s not enough just to hear it. There’s a blessing that waits on your obedience. And careful, don’t condemn others as you follow the instruction meant specifically for you.

Complete Commitment

  • Take mistakes as learning opportunities. You won’t be derailed if you decide in advance how you’ll react to errors. Just keep on going.
  • Do the right things. Regret chases those who could’ve chosen to do good but didn’t. When the opportunity act in good comes up, take it without hesitation.
  • Operate in community. Your commitments won’t last without community. Surround yourself with backup to keep you accountable and motivated.

Together, clear convictions and complete commitment will lead to the regret-free life you’re in search of. Negative qualities like indecision, comparison, fear of failure, and arrogance won’t be able to coexist with the determination needed to see the goal through. Be bold, stand firm for your cause and the values that support it. Before you know it, you’ll be on the path towards your full potential - a stride with no regrets.

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