Not Another Inch

April 5, 2023
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Not Another Inch.

“I am leaving you with a gift–peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don't be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27

Don't be troubled or afraid.. Words that came directly from Jesus himself. When speaking to his twelve disciples, Jesus was fully aware of the trouble, and fear they would come to face in this world, and that he too had experienced himself.

Though he knew the gravity of how deep this fear can go, He left them with a gift that surpasses it, and this gift through him, is now freely offered to us.

The greatest gift of true peace of mind, and heart.

By google, the definition of Fear is: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Keywords I notice here are: “Belief” and “likely”.

Fear is a peculiar thing; like the enemy, it breathes lies that can shake us to our core, leaving us feeling troubled, and oftentimes, even hopeless, when in reality the thing we're most afraid of hasn’t happened, and likely will not happen. But even then, suppose you are currently walking in your worst fear, there is still hope because Jesus has defeated death, hell, and the grave and  gives us a promise for a better tomorrow, and future ahead.

Like a gift you are given from a loved one or friend, there is action involved. It is your choice if you want to receive the gift from this person, and obtain it in your possession or not.

Who loves birthdays? I know that I do! When this special occasion comes around, it's common for my friends and family to give me a card or something they believe I would love. The sad truth is, I will eagerly accept it and love it, only to later store it in a drawer or closet. Forgetting that it is there, and moving on till the next occasion. Only to repeat the same cycle again.

I believe this is how alot of us treat the gift of peace Jesus has to offer us. We eagerly receive it, we know it’s there, but then when the anticipation of the moment is over, we put it to the side forgetting the power it holds to transform us from the inside out. Waiting for the next time we receive a glimpse of his peace in a church service, or group gathering to get us through life's challenges.

We must choose to obtain, grasp, and receive His peace. Choosing daily to not let go, or lose sight of it, amidst any season. Like salvation, peace is a choice, not a demand.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”

2 Timothy 1:7

Fear is a spirit that comes to kill, steal, and destroy. It is the enemy's greatest tactic to distract, discourage, and defeat the people of God. Thankfully for us, we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self discipline. Allowing us to not conform to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed by the renewal of our minds.

We have been given the mind of Christ.

“For, “Who can know the Lord’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?” But we understand these things for we have the mind of Christ.” 1 Corinthians 2:16

The other night, I was experiencing waves of fear coming over me. Immediately I went to my closest friend to process with her all that I was thinking and feeling. Fear was clouding my thoughts, and quickly as I was done speaking, she met me with truth and life. She told me something so simple yet so profound. She looked at me and said, “Vic, not another inch.”

A little confused, I asked her to further elaborate on what she meant. She explained the revelation she had received in the past from the Holy Spirit. She went on to testify of the power, self discipline, and authority she carries to tell the devil NO; that fear cannot come another inch closer to her, and the same was for me.

After that conversation I left feeling refreshed, and reminded that the same authority that Christ carries, He has imparted onto us by the power of his Holy Spirit to tell the fear that tries to creep up on us, Not Another Inch. Giving us the strength to hold tightly to the gift of peace he offers us, that the world cannot give, and the enemy tries to destroy.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

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