A Faith-Filled Guide to Dealing With Coranavirus-Related Anxiety

March 20, 2020
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While it’s important to stay informed, a constant stream of news can create anxiety and panic. The overwhelming amount of coverage on the coronavirus can leave us with questions: What should we do? How do we prepare? What will the trajectory of the coronavirus be?These looming questions are enough to elicit stress responses like fight, flight, and freeze. And not just over hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Our country is constructing barriers, our communities are shutting down around us, and our friends and family might be losing their jobs.There’s no doubt the effects of the virus are real. And some even devastating.However, as Christians, we have reminders that can keep us uplifted.

Our Prayers are Powerful

Because we have the Holy Spirit inside of us, we are not only enabled but empowered to respond to God with prayer. As a church, we believe this is our first response.When we communicate with God, we are allowing him into our hearts and minds. He’s faithful and listens to our prayers.When we continually build up his presence in us, we can see situations through the eyes of faith. This means we can become confident in the face of hardships and adversity.

We Don't Have to Worry

Worry is a natural human response to an environmental stressor. As Christians, we can cast our worries on the Lord. Being informed is helpful for knowing in what ways to act, but we don’t have to take in every word we receive from the media.When we receive information and respond with worry, our troubles will only increase. Being fueled with the Spirit of God, instead of fear, we are armed with the strength to uplift, encourage, and support one another.

“The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace” —Romans 8:6

Jesus Brings Stability and Strength

After we pray and cast our fears on God, what is left? Hope. In John 16:33, Jesus speaks to his disciples explaining that they will have trouble in this world, but he has overcome it.Right now, you may feel the trouble of this world. You may feel like you’re losing comfort, peace, and stability in your day-to-day routines. But instead of questioning God, we can partner with him in faith knowing he is above any trouble that comes our way.When we build our faith in him, nothing can truly be lost. We can actually rest in confidence that all things work for his good. Do not lose hope but hold tight, for this too shall pass.

It's Not Over Yet

You might be thinking, When will this be over? How is there any good happening in this? You might even be asking, Where is God in this?While this virus seems all-consuming, the reality is that we have a God who is more than all-consuming. He is omnipotent, all-powerful, and he loves you.Because he sent Jesus to step in for us to conquer all suffering, sin, sickness, and even death, we can be confident that nothing on Earth can shake us, nor separate us from the glory that is to come in heaven.[cta heading="Join us for church online this Sunday!" subtext="10AM | 12PM | 2PM | 4PM | 6PM | 8PM" actiontext="Watch the Livestream" link="https://www.vouschurch.com/livestream"]

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