Dance at your own party: enjoying your singleness

April 6, 2022
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The grass is greener where you water it. And you can enjoy your single season by making the most out of it living in completion thourgh Jesus.

I grew up in Chicago, not the worst place to live in but absolutely among the worst winter seasons. As my parents got older and started thinking about retirement, North Carolina was most appealing. An early spring and mild winters are exactly what the doctor ordered for someone who is used to shoveling snow well into April and sometimes May.

My parents moved into a new home about three years ago. A more spacious home, a bigger yard and two car garage. Not that they needed it, all of us kids have been out on our own for nearly a decade. But the idea of having something of their own including a nice yard was appealing.

The previous owners had a dog and never really cultivated the yard. Brown with dead spots all over the place, my father devoted himself to revitalizing his landscape. Even if the forecast called for rain, he would make sure to lay extra seeds and water certain spots just to enhance the chances of obtaining growth.

It took three years for their yard to finally begin to sprout natural grass but today it’s a beautiful lush green landscape and the envy of the neighborhood. Oftentimes I fail to realize that in order to achieve results in my life I have to keep watering the areas I want to grow.

Many married friends say they wish they’d taken their time, my single friends can’t wait to get married. They think that grass is greener on the other side, when in reality it's greener where you water it!

The joy in being single

Being single is just a blessing as being married. In fact, I say that we should trust God and know two things, 1) He’s never wrong so where you are today is where he wants you and 2) Jesus (speaks for himself) and Paul (arguably the greatest apostle in history) were both single their entire lives and certainly accomplished a lot therein.

In 1 Corinthians Paul all but says we should stay single if we can keep our hands to ourselves. Being single means, we can put the work of Christ first and foremost without having to consider the needs and or obligations of your spouse. Further that we as believers should live in whatever the status God calls for us.

Perhaps you’re feeling in a lull today as it’s been a while since you’ve had a companion, or perhaps you just exited a situation that you thought would carry you into holy matrimony. If so, let me encourage you by reminding you that you can never find yourself in someone else. God made you complete and commanded you turn to Him for any and everything you need.    

So, we should embrace who we are and where we are today, celebrating the blessings before us and devoting ourselves to pleasing God. Find peace and joy in the Heavenly father before trying to find it in an imperfect human. Water your life with God’s grace and enhance your chances of growing in the season you are in today.

Being single may mean you are not married, not attached, not committed but it does NOT mean you are not loved, not desired, not wanted and certainly not enough. 

Learn more about enjoying your singleness season by watching the Single & Secure series by Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.

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