Fasting: Not Just a Fad Diet

August 18, 2019
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Can you believe that Pray First is already here? This is a perfect time to prepare ourselves to fast and pray. But before we jump into action, let’s take a closer look at what fasting really means.Whether through a YouTube video, magazine article, or an Instagram influencer, chances are you have heard about the widely known "intermittent fasting," but this topic goes far beyond skipping a couple of meals.Fasting, in biblical terms, is determined by your intention, attitude, and motive. The purpose behind the fast is what defines it as such. If you are willingly abstaining from any food or activity with the means of growing closer to God, then you’ve got it!

Purpose is the Pinnacle Principle of Perseverance

Fasting is a tool for each one of us to take time from something we value and turn our attention to God. Before starting the fast, it is important to identify the purpose behind it so we can use that purpose as motivation to keep going throughout the fast.Without the right motivation, we risk direction, dedication, and determination.

Focus Fiercely on Finding God

Using our fast to focus on God is essential. Fasting is a great way to remove distractions and center our focus on what matters most. If we want to align our hearts with God’s, we have to be able to look away from our worries and fix our eyes on him. This is one of those times where multitasking is not an advantage. Schedule alone time with God and be intentional in praying and reading his word.Giving undivided attention to God produces a devoted heart.

Sacrifice Shows Significance

Usually, when talking about fasts we think about food. This is because food is a necessity in life. It means we are willing to give up a basic need to depend on God. But don’t be scared, all this means is that giving up something we care about will help us value the fast. We just need to keep in mind that health and safety are always a priority.Besides food, fasting can mean abstaining from any activity that captivates our focus in exchange for time with God. That means social media or television or any hobbies that interest us.Self-denial silences selfishness and strengthens sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, unlocking the supernatural.Lastly, there is no way we can talk about fasting without mentioning prayer. Our call to action is for you to join us as we prepare for this time of fasting and prayer.

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