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March 29, 2019
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Money. Budgeting. Cutting back. What seems like a hard conversation for many, just got a whole lot easier. At VOUS Church, we've got you covered! People are our heart. That's why we offer Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) course through VOUS Care. From financial coaches to a structured and easy-to-follow program, the course gives you the tools to help you accomplish your financial goals. We sat down with a few FPU graduates to hear what they had to say about their experience. We hope you are encouraged by what they had to share.

Wilda & Emmanuel Nelson

Wilda and Emmanuel Nelson recently hit the two-year mark of their marriage and completed FPU together. Wilda said, "What we liked the most about FPU was that we had coaches. I didn't know we would have that available to us. Initially, we thought that we would watch videos and do this on our own." When asked how FPU helped them with their finances, Wilda said, "Oh my gosh, it helped in many ways. There were myths people told us about money that we've since learned the truth on. And for our second anniversary, we wanted to buy a house. It was something we feared because we weren't sure how we'd manage it all. But now we know where our finances are going so we can be more confident about the choices we make."We asked Wilda if they'd mention FPU to others and she told us, "We recommend it every time we go out. I had a vision board party, and one of our goals was to sponsor at least five couples to the Financial Peace University program." She says her best advice is to "trust the process. Being disciplined is a big part of it!"

Reese Whitley

Reese Whitley is an athletic trainer who owns his own business. Reese praised the program, saying, "The course was awesome for me because I don't have a background in finance. Setting financial goals was a challenge before, but FPU made it easy for me. Saving and budgeting became something I could accomplish, even without a fixed income." "Without the FPU, my business wouldn't be running. I now aspire to allocate my money responsibly. It helped me understand how my finances worked. As a result, I'm able to better manage my money and clearly see where it's going." Sign Up for Financial Peace UniversityWhen you join the program, you'll be linked up with like-minded people focused on improving their finances and given supportive resources. The course will keep you motivated along your journey to financial peace. Ready to take the next step? Take a moment to secure your spot in FPU today. SZN 2 classes start on May 7, 2019.Schedule: Tuesdays @ 7:30PM - 9PM, for nine weeksLocation: Little Haiti Cultural Center / 206 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL 33137Cost: $80 per family, includes all materials and 10 sessions.

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