Get Quiet to Hear God's Voice

September 12, 2019
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While books, podcasts, and videos provide resources and guidance, taking the time to focus on hearing from God will make a difference in the daily decisions you face.Use this quiet-time exercise to center on God’s voice, his word and the promises spoken over you, so you can better catch what he will speak next. The less fuss about the process makes you more apt to go for it. It is a simple, yet powerful reminder of the love God has for us and how he is in the details of our lives.

Quiet-time Exercise

1. Find a quiet place

Take a deep breath and quiet yourself. The idea isn’t to empty your mind, but instead to begin filling your mind with thoughts of God. Whatever good things you know about God, think of those things. Don’t focus on the breath so much as the Creator of the breath.

2. Surrender

Say aloud or think, “Here I am Lord, ready to hear from you.”

3. Focus your thoughts

If anxiety, fears, or frustrations come up, regard them. Don’t turn the thoughts away without actively giving them over to God. You can say aloud or quietly “Lord, I know you care about this too. I hand it over to you and wait for your leading.”

Some final thoughts

After going through the exercise, you may have a new thought that comes to mind. The more you do this activity, the more you will recognize how God speaks to you in response to your faith. Then you are free to respond to God in a time of prayer, thanksgiving, generosity, worship, praise — whatever feels most comfortable to you. Resume the flow of your day knowing God is with you in every situation.There’s more to know about listening intently to God. Be sure to visit VOUS Church over the next four weeks as Pastors Rich and DawnCheré share the collection of talks “Hearing God’s Voice.” And if you are part of our Friends & Family network, tune into YouTube every Monday at noon for the latest talk.

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