Healing through Heartbreak‍

March 21, 2022
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Songs have a powerful way of getting you through a heartbreak. I remember my first heartbreak and replaying Stronger by Britney Spears. Not only was it very catchy but you could sing it to the top of your lungs and feel the sadness melt away. 

“I’m stronger than yesterday…My loneliness ain’t killing me no more.”

The only problem was, once the song was over and some minutes passed, the pain would slowly creep in. I needed something stronger and I needed to not feel alone in these moments. I probably didn’t master heartbreak until I met Jesus. 

Heartbreak is difficult to heal through when you lack the wisdom and guidance to restore your heart. You search Google and talk with friends to find the best way to soothe your aching soul. There’s some great temporary fixes but the wrong mindset and beliefs can send you straight into another heartbreaking relationship. 

I would quickly find myself latching on to the next person who showed interest in me. However the same insecurities, struggle, and triggers would be in that relationship. You end up blaming the relationship for that pain. 

One day I met a person who seemed like something out of a fairytale. He was handsome, charming, paid attention to me, and showered me with gifts and affection. I was swept off my feet and thought I was going to marry him. 

Like all fairytales, there’s a villain. However, my prince charming ended up being the villain. It felt more like Beauty and the Beast after. He had a lot of pain he never dealt with and would turn that pain into anger towards me. 

My healing process with Jesus

After years of enduring this, I had a moment where I couldn’t handle the pain anymore. So I surrendered it to God. He answered me quickly and peace came over me. I could suddenly think clearly. At that moment, I knew I needed to be closer to God to help me get through my heartbreak. 

A friend introduced me to VOUS and I’ve been on a healing journey with God since then. I started to listen to VOUS podcasts and watched their YouTube video on Heartbreak. I replayed When you Speak by VOUS Worship. 

“There’s grace when I’m anxious. There’s joy when I’m brokenhearted. There’s power in Jesus. It’s not over, it’s not over.”

Jesus met me in my time of need and gave me the grace, strength, and courage to heal through my heartbreak. I allowed his words, his spirit, and his peace to flow through me. His guidance on love and my self worth was written over 2000 years ago. The wisdom I needed was available to me. 

Healing through heartbreak is tough. God has a plan to get you through it. There’s guidance on how to heal and restore your heart. You are not alone in this. His presence is near. You have to surrender the broken pieces to Jesus and allow him to heal you. You are worthy and you are deeply loved. 

You can learn more about Heartache and Heartbreak through this Single & Secure message by Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr.

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