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It Takes a Village

July 28, 2018
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“It’s not babysitting, it’s leadership development.” Whether you’ve visited VOUS Church once or call it home, you’ve heard this phrase whenever VOUS Kids is mentioned. And it’s not just a catchy phrase, but something we believe.While the world may see them as kids, at VOUS, we identify them with terms that pack meaning: Dreamers (ages 6 months – 24 months), Heroes (ages 2-4) and Legends (ages 5-11). From the moment they enter their respective rooms, children are lovingly embraced with a smile, kind greeting, or the quintessential high five from one of the servant leaders.

It’s in VOUS Kids that many children learn what it means to worship and accept Jesus into their lives, often sharing with servant leaders and their parents, how they’ve been impacted. Imagine seeing little hands raised, voices lifted singing one of the worship songs in service or even practicing the lessons on forgiveness and gratitude at church and in their home lives.

Impact of VOUS Kids

Angel Gualtieri: Before having Cash, I was a preschool teacher, working with 18-month-olds to two and half-year-olds. Through that experience, I learned how valuable it is for children to have both time with their parents and time away from their parents. VOUS Kids gave me the opportunity to put that understanding into action when I became a parent. Giving Cash a chance to develop a small amount of independence at such a young age, by spending Sundays in a church classroom with leaders that love him and other children, has been so valuable to us.

Benny Salas: Our son, Nehemiah will lead in any environment, but we appreciate that in VOUS Kids, he gets to do so in a spiritual environment. His heart and intention are to want to lead others and those values are lived out whether in a faith community or at home. It’s important to invite him into moments where his learning takes shape, nurturing his characteristics and honoring his values.

Roxann Estrada: Since our boys joined VOUS Kids, they have grown tremendously in their self-confidence, faith, and love for the Lord. In Heroes, my 3-year-old, Noah, has come out of his shell and built his confidence to make new friends, while simultaneously learning more about the Bible. Jeremiah, in Legends, has gained a platform to speak the word of God, growing in character and strength. He now enjoys praying and inspiring others, leaving the servant leaders mesmerized as he speaks the word of the Lord.

Continuing Conversations from VOUS Kids

Benny: On Sundays, Nehemiah is like a sponge. As soon as he learns a verse, he shares it. Last week, it was Psalm 119:11. We try to always ask our son, what do you think?  At that age, there are touch points of association, there’s always something that he could be reminded of that’s connected to his learning.

Roxann: On the ride home from church, we have a family discussion about what we learned and how we can apply it at home. Then at the dinner table, we talk about our day and how we can apply the lessons and values we learned.

Servant Leaders of VOUS Kids

Angel: The servant leaders at VOUS have made all the difference. From the very first Sunday, my husband and I felt comfortable leaving our little guy in the best hands. It was definitely hard, but we knew he’d be okay. It’s so cool to think that as he grows, he’ll continue looking up to the same servant leaders he’s spending Sundays with now.”

Roxann: As a parent and VOUS Kids servant leader, I have the pleasure of seeing the inner workings of VOUS Kids firsthand. I love that we are intentional about creating a fun environment where the children exhibit God’s love and presence.  The AMAZING servant leaders, great services and teachings provided to every child that visits each week, truly helps us continue to shape incredible leaders at home!

Here at VOUS Church, we truly believe it takes a village to raise a child. Together with families, we do our part of pouring into, building up and teaching the message of Jesus to children that are truly world changers – it’s a priceless investment!

This Sunday, July 29th at 2:30pm, VOUS Church will have the opportunity to resource parents in a big way with VOUS Kids Live! It’s an exciting opportunity to not only learn more about the ministry of VOUS Kids but learn ways you can continue conversations at home. And, for kids, there will be exciting games, face paintings and more!



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