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May 10, 2021
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The book of Mark is fast paced and has a clear agenda to capture the attention of a Roman audience. The word “immediately” is used close to forty times in Mark’s Gospel as the book goes from story to story and miracle to miracle. Three times as many miracles are recorded than parables. One of my favorite miracles in the Bible is about the woman with the issue of blood. Both Matthew and Luke include this miracle in their Gospel account but Mark gives the most details:

“And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse. When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, because she thought, ‘If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.’ Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.”
Mark 5-25-29

What I love most about this miracle is the faith of the woman. She doesn’t ask to be healed and she doesn’t wait for the healing to come to her; she reaches out to grab it.

The woman heard about Jesus and said to herself, “if I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” This woman knew that her healing was within her reach. She heard that Jesus was passing through, and believed that if she could only get close enough to Jesus, she would be healed.

In first looking at this scripture, there’s a great preaching point that I could run with. I could tell you that your blessing is within your reach, that your new level is within your reach. Whatever you need from God, it’s within your reach.

As I was pondering on this thought, God gave me a new revelation. Everything that I need from God is indeed within my reach, but not in the way I would think. It’s within my reach when I posture myself in surrender to God.

With hands raised, everything I need from God is within my reach. It’s within my worship – it’s within my seeking God. 

I don’t have seven points or seven ways for you to get what you need from God. The most practical way I can advise you to receive all that God has for you is lifting your hands and reaching out to God.

David says,

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help”
Psalm 121

God is your help, look to Him, reach to Him for all that you need.

Take time, develop a discipline of prayer and worship. Make it a habit to be postured before God. I don’t just want to wait for a Sunday service experience.

Here are some tips I want to share with you:

  1. Find a place
  2. Pick a time
  3. Get a worship playlist 
  4. Choose a portion of scripture you want to study

I believe that all you need from God is within your reach, but you have to get around God to experience Him. You have to desire closeness and nearness to the Father.

“Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.”
Isaiah 59:1

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