Letting It Shine in God's Time

January 25, 2019
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Each new year brings with it a desire to be the best version of ourselves. Whether it’s making healthier lifestyle choices, maximizing each hour of the day, or deepening our relationship with God, the goal is to live with more intention than the previous year. As believers, we’ve experienced the power of Jesus’ love and grace in our lives, and we know his message is one that needs to be shared.If one of your resolutions for this new year is to be more intentional in speaking about your faith to your circle of family, friends, or coworkers, you’ve likely been overcome with feelings of bold exhilaration. But before you start making plans to fire up your “Jesus saves” sign, there are some things you need to consider.

Be Prepared

Going into any conversation, it’s a good idea to prepare. If your goal is to share God’s message, seek out the ultimate mentor—Jesus, himself. Throughout the Gospels we see Jesus take a break from the crowds to be alone with God. Similarly, your preparation can look like finding a quiet place to spend time in prayer and the word. As you foster a closer relationship with Jesus, he will guide you on how to best approach people in your circle. Another way to prep is to build and maintain friendships with people who are living Christ-centered lives. At VOUS, joining a Crew is a great way to cultivate relationships with others on the same path. There you can learn and be inspired by how they’re sharing their faith with those around them.

Spot Opportunities

Any interaction can become an opportunity for someone to experience grace, if only there’s an eye to spot it. Those mundane, taken-for-granted exchanges can be perfect times to share the message. It might be as simple as having a conversation with neighbors at the mailbox, grabbing coffee for a co-worker, or offering to wash the dishes for a family member. It’s your attitude of service behind each act that can change an ordinary moment into an extraordinary one. And that can be a louder message of Jesus’ love than a bullhorn on a street corner. As you prepare and stay on top of opportunities, you'll be in sync with the move of God in the lives of others and how he wants you to play a part sharing his story. Patience is key. Let your light so shine that others feel compelled to ask you about it. You can trust that God will help you provide the right answers to those you care for in his perfect timing.

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