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Pursuit of Purpose

July 13, 2018
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We all come to a point when we realize playing it safe is not enough. When it dawns on us there has to be something more. Something more than living for one's self, or the next paycheck. In some way or another, we’re all searching to find the purpose for our lives – the reason for being here.

Yes, there is a general purpose for our lives - to love God and to love one another. But, we also have an individual purpose. What is God’s specific purpose for you?

At VOUS Church, we see this question as a poignant one.  A person’s unique purpose is not always what just happens along this thing called life.  Sometimes, you find your purpose while solving a problem for someone else. So, whether you already know your purpose or on the journey to discovering it, there’s room for you to serve our community.

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served,
but to serve.Mark 10:45

Through our monthly I Love My City projects, we get to contribute to something much bigger than us. As we plant seeds of change and hope in our city, we believe God plants seeds of purpose in us as well. The very communities we serve open our eyes to ways we can specifically help build the Kingdom of God. No act of service is insignificant because we know that God uses even the smallest things we do.  

Here are five tips to explore your purpose through our I Love My City events:

1. See Projects as People

While participating in an ILMC Project, you may be painting walls or picking up trash but it’s so much more than that! We’re going into these communities to bring the light of Jesus and give them hope. Everything we do, we do with the goal of getting to people!

2. Find Your One

ILMC is divided into child, community, beautification, and organization based projects. As you serve, you may find there are specific causes that stir your heart, follow that. The more passion you have towards a project you participate in, the better the outcome.

3. Learn the Culture

With projects throughout the Miami area, you may find yourself serving in a community you’re unfamiliar with. Take time to speak to the people you are serving as you learn and share across our rich cultural lines.

4. Look for the Wins

We don’t serve for the acclaim of others, we do it to honor God and help our City! Even if you can’t immediately see the fruit of your service, take comfort in the seed planted and know that there are always wins to be found along the journey.

5. Remain Rooted in Consistency

The goal of ILMC extends beyond monthly projects. It is our hope that as a community, we’re known for more than our Saturday events but for the love we have every day. We want to see this city turned right side up!  

This month’s I Love My City, we have the opportunity to magnify our efforts by partnering with over 800 churches worldwide. What an exciting opportunity to uplift the Church as we serve our beautiful city of Miami. Churches from Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, England, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia, Switzerland and nearly every US State will join together to share the love of God through practical acts of kindness. We hope to see you for Serve Day 2018 on Saturday, July 14th!

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