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March 26, 2021
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For decades, countless women have marked history with courage. Names like Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, or even Anne Frank, will always be remembered for their sacrifice and selflessness. Millions of influential women have taken a stance to walk so that future generations could run. Powerhouse women of God are far from a modern day concept.

The Bible portrays the endurance of several faithful women champions. It’s the stories of these women in the past that give us hope for the future. Through vivid accounts and records it’s easy to see a little bit of ourselves in each and every woman of the Bible. Each woman had a particular struggle and we watched how God’s sovereignty met them in the middle of their trials.

God strategically makes these women relatable to afford us hope. Which of these women of the Bible do you relate to?


Eve, the mother of all life, the first woman created. Eve was beautiful and an heiress to all creation. Her lack of faith led to disobedience. Thankfully, Eve’s story does not end in failure. God’s grace gave Eve’s story purpose. In generations to come, we see the fruition of this truth in the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Traits: Intelligent, Overzealous, Dissatisfied


Esther, the beautiful Persian queen, the youngest, and most courageous woman to save an entire nation. Through her obedience, Esther spared the Jewish people from persecution, risking her life and status to ensure that all God-fearing people would be spared for their faithfulness. Esther allowed God to elevate her voice and use her position to pave the way for the ministry of Christ.

Traits: Courageous, Strategic, Powerful


Ruth, the virtuous widow and devoted daughter-in-law who’s uprightness preceded the abundant blessings of God. As she walked in humility and obedience, she stood out because of her character. In modest assertion, she claimed the attention of power and also found love.

Traits: Submissive, Loyal, Virtuous

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary, the pure and innocent mother of Jesus. Mary was told by an angel that she would give birth to the son of God, through the Holy Spirit. Mary watched as her son lived a sinless life and was innocently crucified and raised again. Mary saw the love of God firsthand and honored God through her obedience and willingness.

Traits: Obedient, Wholesome, Innocent


Sarah, the mother of Israel, was given the promise to bring a nation to brith. At first, she could not see God’s vision because she was blinded by her circumstance. At 76 and barren, she was in disbelief of God’s miracle working power and took matters into her own hands. She was impatient and her methods were unorthodox, but she never neglected her calling of becoming a strong and protective mother.

Traits: Bold-faced, Impatient, Tenacious

Proverbs 31 Woman

The Proverbs 31 woman, the woman who has it all. A wife, a mother, a business woman, she operates with discipline, compassion, and strength. Her diligence and faithfulness reflect upon her own life and that of her husband. But it is her fear of the Lord that sets her apart. She is a true modern woman!

Traits: Resourceful, Disciplined, Wise

Can’t pick just one?

In general, we all have our days of being as bold as Ruth or as meek as Mary. The stories of these women remind us that God specializes in performing miracles. God puts these women at the forefront of his ministry to show of his grace. Women have played a special role in advancing the kingdom of heaven, and they will continue to be pillars of faith for generations to come.

The same God that brought life from a barren womb is the same God that can meet you in your marriage, be there as you raise your kids, guide you as you look for a spouse, and walk with you through the darkest seasons of your life. Without God’s grace, our own character can lead us astray. But when God’s super meets our natural traits, he’s able to use our stories in mighty ways.

March is a special month where we gather and recognize women of all backgrounds for their hard work and never ending, passionate pursuits. We celebrate women everywhere and invite you all to become a part of our sisterhood of strength, VOUS Girl.  Strong women often have influence and make an impact. But strong women of faith, banded together, are unshakable forces blessed by God.

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