Sitting in the Ache of Loneliness and Longing

April 13, 2022
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Loneliness and Longing can wrap any season of waiting in our lives. But we can rest knowing God is with us, He still has a purpose for us and He will make it come to pass.

When I think about examples of waiting in the Bible, one of the most excruciating moments that comes to mind is the day between the death and resurrection of Jesus. I want you to imagine what it must have felt like for the disciples.

The person that they had just given their whole life up to follow is now dead. They all abandoned him as they promised they never would. Although Jesus had been preparing them for this day, many of them could never have imagined a life without Jesus.

Now, they were forced to wait hoping that this was not the end, while at the exact same time feeling like all hope was lost. This particular Saturday was Passover, a day where all the Jewish people were forced to rest by law in observance of the holiday. They were forced to sit in their homes lonely, longing for their Rabbi.

Although I can picture what this day might have looked like for them, I can’t even begin to comprehend the depth of their heart’s ache. What I do know is this, we can take heart knowing that we are not the only ones who have felt hopeless during a season of waiting.

How to face a season of waiting

Maybe you are in a season of waiting right now. Like the disciples, you may have received a promise, but you haven’t seen it come to pass yet. There also might be no action you can take to ease the pain of this season.

Whatever the case, this is the encouragement we can take away: In seasons of waiting, you should know that you still have purpose, and you can trust that if God said it, it will come to pass.

1. You still have purpose - Although there was not much immediate action the followers of Jesus could take due to it being passover. During the night when passover was over, Mary and Mary went to purchase burial spices to anoint Jesus’ body. Even though nothing they did was miraculous they were obedient with what they had, and Jesus met them where they were.

2. If God said it, it will come to pass - How many times did Jesus predict his own death and resurrection in the Bible? He said this many times, and it happened. The disciples just had to sit in the aching and longing before it happened. Maybe you’re waiting, and that’s ok. If he said it, you can believe it, even if the circumstances around seem hopeless.  

Take the Easter narrative as an encouragement. If you are aching for something, if you are feeling lonely, know you are not alone. It is beautiful to know that we can cling to the word of God for us to relate to in any season.

Keep waiting and trusting, friends. Before you know it, the grave will be empty!

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