Sleep on This

January 25, 2021
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Sleep on This

At some point, we’ve all been on one side of this conversation. Someone asks, “Hey! How are you?” Mixed in with a garden variety of pleasantries, the response, more often than not, will inevitably include the word tired or busy. We live in a society where the boundaries between work and rest have been blurred and overworking and neglecting personal needs have become a badge of honor rather than a warning sign to slow down.

As we see throughout Mark, Jesus created the Sabbath and calls us to a place of rest. Here, we have provided a step by step guide to what it looks like to truly rest.

Prioritizing the invitation to rest

While our culture says work a little harder, God actually tells us to rest a little longer. Rest is not just a comfortable activity called out by culture, but it is a calling by our God.

God has extended an invitation to us to experience an offering of peace, freedom, and true rest only found in him. God has given us the ability to access himself to find true spiritual rest.

Friends, we must regularly allow time for rest, to recharge, and to refocus our eyes on him. By humbly taking on a posture of worship and creating an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is welcome, we will allow ourselves to release our restlessness and abide in the freedom that only he can provide.

Find a quiet space in your living room, bedroom, or even the little corner in your closet.

Putting your identity to rest

There is no doubt that you may wear a bunch of different hats between your jobs, relationships, and extracurricular activities. However, by recognizing who God is and the love he has for you, you can find your ultimate identity in him, rather than your job titles, accomplishments, or failures. You can find confidence and peace that just being who you are as a child of God is enough.

Placing your cares to rest

One of the biggest enemies of spiritual rest is anxiety. Anxiety often results from attempting to fight battles that aren’t ours to fight, and from holding on to things we were never meant to carry. God promises that when we communicate and release our cares to him, he will not only take care of them but provide freedom and rest for our souls.

Participating in physical rest

The rest and renewal of our physical bodies is crucial to maintaining the temple and it starts with the basics: sleeping, eating, and self-care. We are to honor God with our bodies and this could begin with starting a bedtime routine or drinking more water, unplugging devices, and turning on God’s voice.

Preparing to take action

Let’s stop priding ourselves in being so busy and instead celebrate rest. It’s not a suggestion, but a reflection of the way that Jesus lived his life. Through this gift given to man by God, not only will our physical appearance and sharpness be improved, but a palpable inner peace will be evident to others as well. When we accept the invitation, create the space, and take the steps to rest in our father, it will release our burdens and lead to more freedom.

So start now; don’t put it off until the perfect day or time, because that’ll never come. Accept the invitation today. Make rest a higher priority on the things-to-do list today. You may be surprised how your to-do list changes when you first align your heart with God. Resting in peace is for the living, as God loves us and lovingly extends open arms to find rest in him.

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