Snapshots from VOUS Conference 2019

June 18, 2019
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Epic isn’t strong enough a word to describe VOUS Conference 2019. Legendary might be close. It was everything you'd expect from a conference, times 10! It was a sensory wraparound that included powerful messages, breakouts, dance and musical performances, and even an energizing workout. Being led in worship by Mosaic MSC, Doe Jones, and our very own, VOUS Worship, brought us to higher heights. And we're still thinking about the fun we had at the afterparty with Social Club Misfits.All the preparation that went into our 10th-anniversary Conference was used by God for his glory. And for that we are thankful.Here are a few snapshots from VOUS Conference 2019: No One Else Is Coming.

Session One: No One Else Is Coming

"You can’t spell community without unity.” Rich Wilkerson Jr.

It was Day 1 and our hearts got checked from the very beginning, setting the tone for the entire Conference. Pastor Rich talked about Jesus' final prayer for the Church. It was a prayer to fortify believers and keep us unified. To remain united, the Church must overcome comparison, competition, and criticism.

Session Two: Living The Dream

"Living the dream is different than dreaming the dream.” DawnCheré Wilkerson

Day 2 started with Pastor DawnCheré’s encouragement to live out our God-given dreams but to also be careful not to walk away from them when the reality kicks in. Seeing the vision of a dream requires us to have unwavering faith in God.

Session Three: Scared, But Prepared

Rich Wilkerson Jr. with Chad Veach & Mike Todd

"It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.” Rich Wilkerson Jr.

What happens when you bring together three dynamic speakers on one stage? A tag-team talk that left an entire arena hyped to step into their mission. Pastor Rich, Pastor Chad, and Pastor Mike taught us that while big goals are scary, the only way to overcome the associated fear is by getting prepared. They gave us an upfront look at the role of patience, perseverance, and pace in walking in God's purpose.

Session Four: I Was Wrong

"I want people to know it's a healthy thing to admit they were wrong."Judah Smith

Even though we were laughing throughout the entire message, Pastor Judah cut right to our hearts with his talk. He explained that nowadays people pride themselves in being different. While there’s a place for diverse views, especially in our multicultural world, there comes a point when we should admit we’re wrong. Whatever our failures may be, when we humble ourselves, we’ll ultimately be exalted by God.

Session Five: I'm Marked

"If you're marked, you're going to be anointed before you are positioned." Mike Todd

On Day 3 the house was brought down when Pastor Mike took the stage. He told us that in a time when everything is promoted, we must go through the process of development in the darkroom. You can’t Instagram integrity. You can’t Facebook faithfulness. The validation God has on our lives will be positioned in time. It’s how we handle the wait, through service, practice, and leadership, that will determine our elevation. God asks us to trust him through the wait because without him it just won't make sense.

Session Six: A Conversation with Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Carl Lentz, Judah Smith, Mike Todd, and Chad Veach

"Don't self medicate. Don't run from things. Be present. Don't rely on yesterday's weapon to defeat today's giants." Mike Todd

We got a chance to see a more personal side of our speakers as they hung out on stage to talk through topics such as their personal calling, mental health, leadership, and parenting advice. And we were surprised by the awesome musical talent!

Session Seven: I'm Getting Better

"Make a choice to live Spirit led and Spirit fed at all times.”Carl Lentz

We knew Pastor Carl was a powerhouse, we just weren't ready to get blown away the way we did. His talk on the Holy Spirit was informative, enlightening, inspiring, and everything in between. He dismantled the hesitation we tend to have around the topic of the third person of the Trinity. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, faith is incomplete.

Conference Sunday: The Place I Crave

"Whatever you trust in, you run to.” Chad Veach

Conference Sunday was an added bonus to the weekend as we got to hear from Pastor Chad! He helped better understand that no matter who we are, we all long for something. The truest test of our life’s direction is based on what our soul craves. Our thirst should be for God, knowing that as we run to him in all circumstances, he will surely provide all our needs.[rev_slider VC2019Closeout]What an experience! We're thanking God for every moment. Leaving VOUS Conf has empowered us to march into our daily lives like no one else is coming! Our routines just got injected with a much-needed boost to see lasting change in our community. We've been equipped through our encounter with God. Can't wait to meet next year at the Watsco for VOUS Conference 2020!

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