The Danger of the Rearview Mirror: Move on From the Past

December 22, 2021
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When you move on from the past, you experience many emotions that could overwhelm you. You feel this when you lose a loved one, change careers, or move from your hometown. Ultimately moving on from the past is not easy but it is the path to freedom.

Last summer I was driving 2000 miles from a toxic relationship. Each mile made me feel sadness and joy. Sadness for moving on from a past life and joy for moving towards a new life.

Although the relationship was toxic, it was a life I had become accustomed to. I was with the person every single day and their life was intertwined with mine. I had to be brave to step into my own life and create a new direction.

The first step was surrendering my old life to God. It was too painful to let go and move on. Every time I tried, it hurt too much to consider a different way of life.

When I surrendered my life to God, He gave me a new one.

He opened the doors to a new life that was full of peace and joy. He gave me the strength to move on from the past.

Every person will at some point in their life need to make a decision that will change the course of their life. We often regret the decisions that led us to experiencing pain. That experience can haunt us.

I’ve spent hours ruminating about the past. You get lost thinking about how you could’ve done things differently. Your mind wanders into thoughts about what could’ve been.

These feelings of regret hold us back. It distracts us from the present moment.

Jesus says in Luke 9:62 that we are not fit for the kingdom of God when we are stuck in the past.

The danger of looking back is distraction from the present and lost opportunities of the future.

Why do we sabotage our present moment for the past? Why do we need to change something that has already happened? It takes courage to move on from the past.

We have a hard time accepting the past because we have a hard time accepting ourselves in that moment. We can’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes. We can be grateful for a God who forgives, who forgets the past, and who gives us new life. You are not defined by your past.

With God, you are free to start over. God removes fear and gives us a spirit of hope.

One way to start over is to focus on God’s promises. Consistently read God’s Word even though it may not make sense in the moment. It will keep you present and focused on the new life you are creating.

God’s promises are steadfast. You can always rely on them to break you free from the illusions of the rearview mirror. Trust Jesus to help you on your journey into the present and move on from the past.

What circumstance in your life can you surrender to God to allow you to move on from your past? Find a scripture that God promises over your life to help you move on.

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